Our Brand

The 18th Edmonton follows, where possible, the brand guidelines contained in the Scout Association 'Brand Guidelines'.

There are however one or two exceptions for practical reasons. First we also use the standard web colour 'red' for obvious reasons. We try not however to integrate it with the Scout standard colours.

The official font is 'The Serif Black' if you do not have this font then use 'Rockwell' which is standard on most PC's. The secondary font is the 'Frutiger Family' of fonts. For body text use 'Verdana'. The 'Hand of Sean' is also ocassionally used for additional title text.

We use the standard 'Scout Logo' and the section brands which are downloadable from here .

Below is the standard logo in all it's colours with our group name added both in the straight and 6° versions for you to download and use. Click on the one you want then when it appears right click and save as.

BlackBlack 6°Scout PurpleScout Purple 6°
Black Black Purple Purple
Scout BlueScout Blue 6°Scout MauveScout Mauve 6°
Blue Blue Mauve Mauve
Scout BrownScout Brown 6°
Brown Brown


There is a microsoft word letter template available. When you have downloaded it place it in your templates folder and change it from .doc to .dot.

You may wish to change the 'GSL' details in the footer to your own. Please leave the rest of the footer as it is.


Here is a table showing the Scout primary and secondary colours together with their respective Pantone®, CMYK, RGB and Hex colour codes plus our red at the bottom.

PrimaryScout PurplePantone© 2597c 82, M 100, Y 0, K 0R 77, G 33, B 119#4D2177
 Scout GreenPantone© 377c 45, M 0, Y 100, K 24R 132, G 164, B 11#84A40B
SecondaryScout MauvePantone© 2425c 37, M 100, Y 0, K 26R 139, G 0, B 102#8B0066
 Scout OrangePantone© 166c 0, M 64, Y 100, K 0R 237, G 119, B 3#ED7703
 Scout BluePantone© 7469c 100, M 20, Y 0, K 40R 0, G 105, B 144#006990
 Scout BrownPantone© 7516c 28, M 71, Y 92, K 20R 157, G 85, B 45#9D552D
 Scout GreyPantone© 432c 23, M 2, Y 0, K 77R 65, G 90, B 104#415A68
 Scout BlackPantone© Printers Blackc 60, M 0, Y 0, K 100R 0, G 19, B 35#001323
18th18th Red c 0, M 1, Y 1, K 0R 255, G 0, B 0#FF0000


There are graphics file which are used by the GSL in his emails to the Group mailing list and they can be downloaded for leaders to use. They are Group header Beaver header , Cub header , Scout header and a footer Use the same fonts as listed above.