Dave Sheppard Awards

Given in memory of Dave Sheppard by Charles & Doreen Sheppard

Awarded annually at the Anniversary Service

There are three Awards. A main award and two smaller awards. This is because Dave had been a Cub, a Scout and a Venture with the Group

Awarded to members of the group who enjoy Scouting and have done their best

Originally section leaders selected one Cub Scout, one Scout and one Venture Scout to receive awards. The section leaders then liaised with the GSL to choose one of the three to receive the main award. The other two choices then receive the smaller awards.

Now the Venture Scout choice goes to a young person in the Explorer Scout section who has been a member of the Group before progressing to an Explorer Scout Unit.

Dave Sheppard Award (Main)Dave Sheppard AwardDave Sheppard Award
1983 Venture Michael Young Cub Simon Tindal Scout Nicholas Rimmer
1984 Scout David Fenton Venture Paul Beadle Cub Graham Sparrey
1985 Venture Nicholas Rimmer Scout Simon Tindal Cub Thomas Jones
1986 Scout Pauls Sams Cub Richard Fenton Venture Stuart Cocksedge
1987 Cub Paul Wiggett Venture David Fenton Scout Simon Tindal
1988 Cub Paul Wailer Scout Peter Sams Venture Elizabeth Davis
1989 Cub Thomas Fogden Venture Joseph Faruqi Scout Ian Fenton
1990 Cub Nicholas Cole Scout Anthony Vaughan Venture Graham Sparrey
1991 Cub Craig Stiles Venture Ian Fenton Scout Jonathan Ripley
1992 Cub Philip Cole Scout Sivaparan Muthukumarasamy Venture Sherry Fordham
1993 Scout Robin Hill Venture Richard Fenton Cub Danny Fuller
1994 Cub Edmund Kirby Scout David Cooper Venture Paul Boulter
1995 Venture Dorinda Cooper Cub Gareth Powell Scout David Cooper
1996 Scout Stephen Cross Venture Dorinda Cooper Cub Stephen Greenfield
1997 Scout Richard Watkinson Cub Philip Kirby Venture Sam Fowler
1998 Cub Rohin Odel Venture Jonathan Ripley Scout Edmund Kirby
1999 Venture Tristan Hill Scout Bradley Hill Cub Rohin Odell
2000 Venture Mathew Pearson Cub Mark Bateman Scout Daniel Sidoli
2001 Venture Stuart Barnes & David Cooper Scout Rohin Odell Cub Luke Davis
2002   Rested Cub Paul Bateman Scout Rohin Odell
2003   Rested Scout Philip Smith Cub Aiden Langan
2004   Rested Cub Yiannis Gopoulos Scout Alex Chetty
2005   Rested Scout Alex Chetty Cub Katelyn Edwards
2006   Rested Cub Sarah & Julie Bragg Scout Edward Clark
2007   Rested Scout Callum Kennedy Cub Aisling Edwards
2008 Scout Benjamin Bruce Cub Adam Miskin Explorer John Symons
2009 Cub Jamie Hamilton Explorer Kevin Bragg Scout Julie Bragg
2010 Explorer William Bruce Scout Aiden Broomfield-Harris Cub Lucy Boskov
2011 Cub Thomas Barnett Explorer Julie Bragg Scout Liam Wilson
2012 Cub Callum McIsaac-Hall Scout Emily Miskin Explorer Rachel Bateman
2013 Explorer Stuart Symons Scout Andrea Demeter Cub Lucy Miskin
2014 Cub Sarah Hussein Scout Daniel & Rhiannon Parr Explorer Andrea Demeter
2015 Explorer Liam Wilson Scout Callum McIsaac-Hall Cub Demi Poole
2016 Scout Boaz Hussein Cub Ella Rebario Explorer Aiden Broomfield-Harris