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Pat Powell and Sharon Ottley took over as Beaver Leaders.


In the absence of a Cub Scout Leader, Ian Kirby takes it on in a holding capacity with the help of Kevin Bird.


Sally Symons follows her son, John, into the Group, after Bob Hill got down on bended knee, and takes on the Cub Scout Leader role. Sally was previously a CSL in Islington, County Leader in Greater London Central and ADC(CS) in Islington.


Bob Hill handed over the GSL's role to Lilian Cooper this year.


At this years AGM Keith Kimber stood down as Chair and was replaced by Paul Symons. Paul had previously been an ASL, AVSL and DSL in West Devon and a GSL in Chingford.


Summer camp was to Walesby Forest Camp Site to attend the Sherwood Jamboree.


Summer camp this year was the Essex Jamboree. 15 Beavers attended a sleep over in the Church Hall frpm 16th to 17th April with Akela providing the nights away permit cover.


Cubs did a sleepover at the Science Museum. The Group attended the CCI District Camp at Gilwell as their guests. Summer camp this year was held at Belchamps in Essex. This year we thought that we had found a Scout Leader when Chris Murray joined us. Sadly it was short lived as Chris moved away to work elsewhere.


This year the Group celebrated it's 60th Anniversary holding several events during the year including a social evening for past and present members held at Bush Hill Park Bowls Club. Summer camp this year was held at Chalfont Heights where the Cubs camped for the first weekend as well.


No changes to leaders this year. The Cubs and Scouts spent a night on HMS Belfast (Kip on a Ship). In May this year the Edmonton District was closed and all Edmonton groups joined Enfield District. The Group attended the Enfield District Millennium Camp at Gilwell Park (in the rain). The Cubs attended the Millennium Sunrise Ceremony in Enfield Town whilst the Scouts were at summer camp at Walesby Forest Camp Site attending the Sherwood Jamboree.


We started 2008 with four leaders and finished the year with seven. Lilian Cooper handed over the reins of GSL to Paul Symons. Lucy Bragg took over the running of the Scout Troop and Jeremy Bullock joined as ASL. Pat Powel handed over the Beaver Colony to Shan Gerrard who joined the Group  and Jane Topping joined as ABSL. Mandy Flunder joined as ACSL and Jane Wheeler joined as a Pack Assistant. The Chair's job was taken on by Heather McIsaac-Hall.

Cubs and Scouts had a sleepover in the Kelvendon Nuclear Bunker. Summer camp for the Troop was to the Essex Jamboree. Most other events this year seemed to be wet! The weather for Family Camp however was nice and this year the Group went back to it's roots and camped at the Theobalds Park Camping Club Site. At the Anniversary Service in November the DC awarded a 10 year long service award to Pat Powell, a 15 year award to Paul Symons and a 20 year award to Sally Symons.


At the AGM in May Dave Edwards followed in the footsteps of his Dad and became Group Chair.


In May the Cubs and Scouts spent the bank holiday weekend at Scout Park. The Beavers visited on the Sunday. This event was run as part of the national 'Big Adventure' initiative. Over twenty adults helped out during the weekend and the Sunday afternoon entertainment was a 'Street Dance' session.

Summer camp for the Troop this year was to Braggers Wood. In September Jane Topping took over the running of the Beaver Colony and Mandy Flunder took over the running of the Scout Troop.

At the Aniversary Service in November Mary Bird was awarded the Award for Merit, recognition of many years of service to the Group. Ron and Wyn Morey recieved long service awards.


No major changes to the leader team or the executive committee this year.

summer camp picture

Over the May Day bank holiday weekend we ran our 'Big Adventure Camp' for the whole group and it rained again. Troop Summer camp was held at 'Two Mile Bottom Scout Campsite' (picture above). The Scouts also had an indoor weekend in November at Danemead with 23rd Chingford. The Cubs had a camp at Tolmers to get Raksha her camping permit and a couple of sleepovers at the hall.

fund raising hut demolition new hut dedication

During the summer half term we finally knocked down the old 'Fund Raising Hut' which was almost falling down on it's own. At the Anniversary Service in November we dedicated a new flag for the Scout Troop and laid the old one up in the church. We also dedicated the new hut to the memory of Ron Bird who passed away earlier in the year.


Quite a lot of leader changes this year. At the end of the summer term Jane Topping retired as Beaver Scout Leader and was replaced by Vickie Green (Starling), Kevin Bragg (Otter) came on board as ABSL. At the same time Mandy Flunder retired as Scout Leader and Jane Bailey mover away to work elsewhere. So from September Graham Reid took over as Scout Leader with Cheryl Keen as his assistant and Pete Miskin as Troop Assistant.

Summer camp this year was at Belchamps Scout Camp near Southend with the cubs in camp for the first weekend as well.

Other camps included a camp at Scout Park to celebrate the Royal Wedding and us joining the 34th Islington for the CCI District Camp at Gilwell.

1st Tavistock Visit

In March we were joined for the weekend by the 1st Tavistock Scout Troop who came up to see the sites, ride on the London Eye and join us for Church Parade. The 1st Tavistock is the group our GSL, Paul, was in as a child and is now led by his brother hence the connection with the 18th.


Diamond Jbilee Camp Banquet at Scout Park

Two big camps this year. All three sections camped at Scout Park for our Queens Diamond Jubille Camp and of course it rained. We celebrated with our own Banquet when we invited the Scout Park Service Crew to join us.

The DC opens the District Camp

The second big camp was the Enfield District Olympic Camp where all three sections joined the rest of the District (over 1,200 in camp) at Tolmers and of course it rained again!

No summer camp this year as leaders were unavailable because of the Olympics

We finish the year with more leaders than we have had in a long time. On the Beaver team we have three adults and three young leaders. On the Cub team two adults and two young leaders and on the Scout team four adults. Plus of course the GSL.


In April 2013 our GSL moved on to take the Enfield DC role and so Cheryl Keen became GSL.


After many years as Akela, Sally Symons, stood down from this role.


Linda Marchant, Grant Murray and Donna Willard transfered from the 10th Edmonton. Grant took on the role of CSL and Donna BSL. In November Linda Marchant took over from Cheryl Keen as GSL. Vickie Green became ABSL.


In August Linda decided, for personal reasons, to stand down as GSL and so the DC, Paul Symons, came back on board as acting GSL.


After a very successful AGM in May Speranta Knowles took on the role of GSL and Pranav Dave became Chair. The Group also recruted Helen Costa as the Group Secretary.