Here are a few pictures that have been sent in by former members of the Group or found when going through records. If you would like to submit pictures to be considered for the site please send them to the GSL.

Group Picture November 1999

This picture was taken, we think, after the aniversary service in November 1999

Peter Armitage

Here are four pictures sent in by Peter Armitage. Peter wrote in his email

'I joined the 18th Edmonton Cubs group in 1960 Akela was Mrs Soley, then went on to the Scouts (scout leader Peter Rider) and finally was one of the first members of the Venture Scout group formed by Peter Charlesworth in 1970.

I was sorting through some old photo's and came across some I took forty years ago of the scout group. This photo shows some of the members of the early venture scout group. Back row Peter Charlesworth, unknown, John Staples and Gordon Cowley. Front row Peter Armitage, Doug's daughter, Keith Whitlem and on the piano Doug (unknown surname).

The camping photo's were taken at Tolmers camp site probably in 1970 or 1971. The only name I can remember is Andrew Warren who is shown walking towards the camera in Tolmers2.jpg.

Thanks Peter for sending these in.

1985 Venture Week

Does anyone know anything about this picture?

It had a piece of paper with it titled 'Venture Week 1985 Minehead 18th Edmonton Cubs' together with the Butlins logo. Our Cubs have obviously been joined by the Cubs and Leaders from another Pack, but which pack? Pat Powell tells us that the leader in the middle is our CSL at the time Beverley Payne.

Other Odd Bits of History

We received this piece of history via email from Michael Haynes in March 2018. Thank you Michael.

I am Michael Haynes and had the pleasure of viewing your history page, in which reference is made to the new Venture Unit. At the time I was an Assistant Scout Leader (not registered) and when it became necessary for a new Leader to run the Venture Unit, I “volunteered”.

I am not certain when this was, other than it was after 1972 and before 1977. It was also agreed that the Unit be named the Skip Choat Unit. I ran this until July 1977 when I had to give up due to getting married and moving out to Hertfordshire. The Unit very kindly and surprisingly provided a guard of honour for our wedding along with an m shaped slate on which were a V, June 11 1977 and the following names of the Unit lads. D.Turner, R.Jones, R.Cook, A.Murdoch, N.Rider, S.Palmer, K.Bird, D.Sheppard, M.Pealling, A.Warren, M.Morey and B R Smith.

Unhappily at 71 the brain cells have diminished somewhat. so that my recollection of what the Unit got up to is a little vague, other than an effort to join forces (unsuccessfully) with the girls’ Ranger Unit.