Skip Choat Award For Endeavour

Given by former Scouts in memory of their leader Steve (Skip) Choat.

Awarded annually at the Anniversary Service

Awarded to a Scout in the 18th Edmonton (Methodist) Scout Group

Awarded for endeavour

Scout Leader Team decision with GSL's and Group Chair's agreement

1975David Westgate1976Chris Ashley1977Gary Runagail
1978John McLellan1979Gary Young1980Graham Horder
1981Michael Young1982Nicholas Rimmer1983Paul Beadle
1984Philip Parker-Brown1985Paul Cully1986Graham Sparrey
1987Joseph Faruqi1988Graham Sparrey1989Richard Fenton
1990Paul Boulter1991Richard Fenton1992Robert Jewson
1993Sam Fowler1994Jonathan Ripley1995Christopher Omand
1996Richard Watkinson1997Carl Steward1998Timothy Deverell
1999Mark Haslam2000Bradley Hill2001Adrian Lo
2002William Kimber2003William Kimber2004Nicola Bird
2005Miles Scott2006Kevin Bragg2007Gavin Suddell
2008Sarah Bragg2009Stuart Symons2010Andrew Lee
2011Aishling Edwards2012Rachel Connor2013Ion Belesis
2014Thomas Barnett2015Ben Rebario2016Yuki Seki-Somionika