Awards to Adults

Good Service Awards are made by the Chief Scout to adults who have given valuable service to Scouting over a considerable period.

The Silver Acorn

The Silver Acorn is awarded for especially distinguished service.

Presented whilst not with the Group
1994 - Brian Davison - Tonbridge

Bar To The Award For Merit

Presented whilst with the Group

2009 - Sally Symons

Presented whilst not with the Group

2011 - Ron Morey - Enfield

The Medal Of Merit / Award For Merit

The Medal of Merit/Award for Merit is awarded after a period of outstanding service.

Presented whilst with the Group
1965 - Don Soley
1967 - Fred Saunders
1973 - Albert Wilson
1974 - Steve Choat
1990 - Ron Morey, Douglas Warren, Doreen Warren
1993 - Ron Bird
1994 - Mike Horder, Sylvia Horder
1998 - John Kerridge
2009 - Mary Bird, Paul Symons

Presented whilst not with the Group
Brian Davison (Tonbridge)
George Jones (Portsmouth)
Peter Rider (Greater London North)
2000 - Sally Symons (Islington)
2009 - Lilian Cooper (Enfield)
2011 - Win Morey (Enfield), Dave Brown (Enfield)

County Commissioners Commendation

The County Commissioners Commendation is awarded by the County Commissioner to adults and young leaders for service to the Group

2015 - Liam Wilson and Vickie Green
2016 - Linda Marchant

Long Service Awards

The Long Service Decoration is granted to Members of the Movement who have given many years service whilst holding adult appointments. The early ones were issued for 15 years service, the system then changed, and the later ones have the number of years shown after the recipients name.

1953 - Bill Tubbs
1959 - Fred Saunders
1974 - Steve Choat
1983 - Peter Rider
1993 - Ron Morey
2001 - Bob Hill, Beverley Pain
2008 - Sally Symons (20), Paul Symons (15), Pat Powell (10)
2009 - Ron Morey (30), Wyn Morey (20), Mary Bird (20)
2010 - Paul Symons (20)
2011 - Richard Clark (5)
2012 - Paul Symons (25)

Thanks Badges

We have felt it appropriate to record "Thanks Badge" holders. The Thanks Badge is the means of expressing the appreciation of the Movement to those who have been of service to Scouting, the dedicated non-uniformed people who have helped the Group in many capacities, mainly in administration and fund raising, for without them countless activities enjoyed by the boys and girls over the years would not have been possible.

Sylvia Adams, Ron Bird, Brian Cook, Ellen Edwards, Bernard Freeman, Mrs Harbutt, George Jones, Alan Marsh, Frank Monk, Reg Proctor.
Mike Sparrey, Doreen Warren, Sue Wilkie, Ted Beck, Mike Brown, George Cowley, Sue Fenton, Eric Geeves, Sylvia Horder, Barry Lowe,
Mary Midgeley, Ron Morey, Stan Richards, June South, Doug Warren, Tony Young, Peter Bendall, May Choat, Len Edwards, Bernard Fenton,
David Groen, Mike Horder, Pat Marsh, Margaret Monk, Jack Pierson, Bill Runagall, Lynda Souter, Rob Westbrooke, John Kerridge, Keith Kimber,
John Jewson, Pat Powell, Rob Bruce, Sue Morrisey, Richard Clark, Jo Allen, Dave Edwards, Heather Connor, Colin Bateman, Sue Bateman.
and Sally Symons