Executive Committee

The 'Group Executive Committee' (GEC) is responsible for the administration of the scout group. Its members are the trustees of the group and decide how funds are raised and spent.

The committee is made up as follows:


The chair is responsible to the 'Group Scout Leader' (GSL) for the administration of the Group. The Chair runs the GEC meetings but does not have a casting vote and represents the GEC at Group Leaders Meetings (GLM). The Chair appointment runs for a year at a time and he or she is nominated each year at the Group Council (GC) in May or June by the GSL. The nomination has to be approved by the GC.

We do not currently have a chair.


Our secretary takes minutes of all GEC and GLM's. He or she is elected each year at the GC.

We do not currently have a secretary.


The treasurer is responsible for the Groups assets (funds, vehicles, equipment and buildings). He or she is elected each year at the GC.

Our current treasurer is Rob Bruce who was first elected this time around at the 2014 AGM. Rob had held the role previously.

Church Council Representative

Because we are sponsored by the Bush Hill Park Methodist Church we have a representative from the church on our GEC. The church rep is appointed each year by the Sponsoring Authority who is the Minister of the church.

The current church rep is Rev Tim Swindell who was appointed for the first time in May 2012.

GSL's Nominated Members

At the GC meeting each year the GSL is permitted to nominate members to the GEC.

The GSL's current nominations are Gervase Bush (who is our Transport Manager).

Elected Members

The GC also elects a number of members. Currently they are Janine Chapman and Ian Kirby.


The GSL has automatic membership of the GEC. The section leaders in the Group also have the right to sit on the GEC if they indicate at the AGM that they would like to do so. Currently the Beaver and Cub/Scout leader both sit on the GEC.

District Members

The District Commissioner and District Chair have automatic rights to attend our GEC meetings.