Parental Help

At many meetings we need the help of adults who are not leaders. This may be mum or dad but could equally be gran or grandad an aunt or an uncle.

Adult help is essential to the running of our meetings, especially for Beavers and Cubs. You may find of course that you really enjoy it and want to help more often. If so you can just put your name down more often or have a word with the leader or our Group Scout Leader who will explain the options available ranging from 'Regular Helper' to 'Uniformed Leader'.

All our uniformed leaders, the parents and other adults who help at camps and on trips are all CRB'd but you do not need to be CRB'd to help on a Friday night. If you would like to be CRB'd please see the Group Scout Leader.

The links below create an email which will go to the leaders in the section you are offering to help with. If you have problems using them please let us know.

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